Greeting and Leave-Taking


Informal Greetings
Hi / Hello
How are you?
What's up? (very informal)
How are you doing? (very informal)

It's important to note that the question "How are you?" or "What's up?" doesn't necessary need a response. If you do respond, these phrases are generally expected:
Very well, thank you. And you? (formal)
Fine / Great (informal)

Formal Greetings
Good morning / afternoon / evening.


It was a pleasure seeing you.
Note: After 8 p.m. - Good night.

Goodbye / Bye.
See you (later).
Later (very informal)

Dialogue 1

Miss Arimbi runs into her old neighbour who moved to Jakarta 3 years ago in the park.

Miss Arimbi      : Good Morning, Mrs. Rahajeng.
Mrs. Rahajeng  : Good Morning, Arimbi.
Miss Arimbi      : How are you? I think we've been quite a long time no see.
Mrs. Rahajeng  : Very well, thank you. Yeah, I've been visiting my mother this holiday. How about you?
Miss Arimbi      : I'm fine too. What about Jakarta? It's great, isn't it?
Mrs. Rahajeng  : Oh, not really. With all of glamorous things there, I still love our beloved hometown.
Miss Arimbi      : Well, I hope you doing great, Mrs. Rahajeng. I need to go home now. Give my greeting to your mother. Good bye.
Mrs. Rahajeng  : Good bye, Arimbi.

Dialogue 2

Jhon  : Hi, Ted!
Ted   : Hello, John! How's your doing?
Jhon  : Really great!
Ted   : Wow, you look so happy. What's the matter?
Jhon  : Tomorrow is my birthday and my dad will have my party held in Four Seasons Hotel.
Ted   : That's really amazing! Happy birthday, Jhon.
Jhon  : Thanks. Please come to my party at 7 p.m.
Ted   : O.K. See you tomorrow.
Jhon  : See you.

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